Indrasan (Lambadana) Rice

The high-grade Indrasan Lambadana Rice offered by us is widely used in making rice porridge during festivals in India. Our Indrasan Lambadana Rice is very aromatic and due to its fragrance, it is considered to be of superior quality. This variety of Indrasan Lambadana is widely demanded for export by the foreign clients, owing to its excellent taste and high cooking grade. It is supplied by us at pocket friendly rates.

Recognized for :
1. Hygienic packing
2. Perfect taste
3. Excellent aroma
4. Affordable rates ( exported to middle east)

  • Contact us to buy high quality sortex Indrasan (Lambadana or Mota) Rice in Lucknow and other parts of North India at lowest prices
  • We also export Indrasan (Lambadana or Mota) Rice To Middle East like Quwait  and European countries at lowest prices